Champions Day

Dare To Be Great
Extreme Roatan

Sun Water Champions Day was started in October 2015, and is our final event each year with prizes and the title of Extreme Roatan Champions being awarded to the first Male and Female to complete the 4 km course. The course is reworked with more physical obstacles and challenges than normal and is made for people of all fitness levels to participate and enjoy.

All participants become part of one of the most challenging and largest sporting events in Roatan, participants also receive a t-shirt and of course a cold beer at the finish line, returning runners receive a discount on participation as a thank you for their support of this special day.

A team prize is also awarded to the best team, this will be judged taking into account team size, team colours, how the team works together to get all their team members to the finish line and finishing positions of the team members.

Come participate in Sun Water Champions Day and become part of the Extreme Roatan experience.

Date: 2017
Location: Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum
Distance: 4.5km
Cost: $30 per person pre-registration, $40 per person registration at event
Registration Open: 2017
* You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Sun Water Champion's Day