Roatan 100KM Challenge
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Want to do something to support Roatan families affected by COVID19? Missing that personal community connection? Been spending to much time on the couch, feeling unmotivated and unfit, ready to get active again? If this sounds like you, sign up and join the Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge. This virtual running event is open to participants from all around the world and will take you from West End to Camp Bay and back via Flowers Bay to West Bay Beach. Log your distances through the web/platform app and watch your progress on the interactive map and leaderboard. Can you complete the 100KMs in the recommended time of 28 days or less? Or will you aim much higher and hit it out of the park in less than 14 days? Share your experience and achievements with friends and family while making some new friends in the process. Lets come together and run for Roatan.

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The Important Stuff:
Event is a 100KM virtual challenge with a 4 week recommended time limit, the event will run for 6 weeks to allow for late signups and possible restricted movement difficulties.
Starts: July 18, 2020
Ends: August 28, 2020

Registration Costs:
$25 per participant includes t-shirt, and access to the tracking website/app.
Payment must be made by credit card.
Participation is open to people all around the world.
T-shirts will be delivered in Roatan and mailed to USA or Canada once event is finished. Contact us if you are located outside of Roatan, USA or Canada for details on how we get the t-shirt to you.

Why are we hosting this challenge?
The Roatan economy has been seriously affected by COVID19 and approx 80% of the local workforce has lost their jobs, many families are experiencing extreme difficulties with paying weekly bills and providing food for their families. All money raised from the Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge will be donated to local charities which support local families.

Due to COVID19 it has been recommended we all social distance, which unfortunately, has led to cancellations of running and sporting events all around the world. Over the past few months we have seen virtual running events become popular as runners look for ways to stay connected to communities, friends and to enjoy the spirit of running events. Though it has been a few years since our last public event, Extreme Roatan has decided it's time to try a virtual running event here in Roatan, that allows for people from all around the world to come together and run in and for Roatan.

The Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge puts you to the test to see if you can log enough kms to run from one end of Roatan to the other and back. The challenge is virtual and in spirit. We are calling for all runners to document and share on the web/platform app, social media your local runs and let's remind the world how beautiful Roatan is. For all of you that can't be here with us in Roatan, document where you are supporting us from.

When is this challenge?
The Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge will run from Saturday July 18th until Friday August 28th.

How do I “complete the 100KMS”?
This is a virtual event so you can run/walk anywhere and upload your data to see your progress. After registering, participants will receive access to a website/app that will record their daily progress and update a progress map (with Street View for an up-close look, be sure to check out the scenery and for locals, remember all those pot-holes) and leaderboard. Data can be entered manually or by linking to your smart watch or strava account. You can even attach pictures and leave comments. Don't just log distance, show us how you did it!

What do I get for my entry fee?
Participants will receive a Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge t-shirt to proudly wear, as well as access to the web platform/app. All money raised from the Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge will be donated to local charities to support families affected by COVID19.

Tips for running the virtual challenge?
**We ask all runners to please be aware of your surroundings and choose safe areas to run or walk, be careful carrying valuables such as cell phones.

**Running or walking with a mask may be required in your area, practice social distancing when out and remain 6 feet away from people you encounter, if running with a mask don't overdo it. You should though always take a mask with you when running or walking in case of an emergency.

**Social distance when running or walking and choose hours that have fewer people out to avoid crowds.

**Be creative with your course - routes. You can run or walk indoors on a treadmill, in your yard, walking your dog, up and down your driveway, create a small loop or lap course which you can repeat, or enjoy your favorite routes and trails.

**Set a routine, xx amount of KMs each day, xx amount of days a week.

**Carry water if running or walking long distances or in hot conditions.

**Take your ID in case of an emergency.

**Notify someone when you start your run or walk and then when you are done. Let them know where you are running or walking.

**If listening to music only use one earplug and leave your other ear open to listen for potential hazards or traffic.

**Check the weather for the time you plan on running or walking.

**Wear bright or reflective clothing.

**Have fun with it, get social, and share your achievements and accomplishments.

**Lastly and most importantly, use common sense and listen to your body — don’t overdo it and stay safe.

Join the Virtual Extreme Roatan 100KM Challenge and run Roatan from one end to the other. Let's unite as the EXTREME community we know we are!!!

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